A letterhead is a printed heading on a letter paper. Generally, it consists of a business’ name or persons’ name, and address, logo, and corporate design. Apart from this, it can consist of a brand’s slogan, phone number, email address, and other important information. Generally, the term “letterhead” is used for the whole letter paper containing such headings.

A letterhead plays a vital role for both individuals and companies. It helps them to increase their brand recognition and publicize their brand values. We can say, it is one of the marketing tools of companies and businesses. Generally, letterheads are used as professional letters. If a company, organization, or business wants to greet someone, offer a job post, send an invitation, or legal notice, they use a letterhead. So, it has a very crucial role in a professional world and therefore, it is also very important that your letterhead must be very professional, attractive, and impactful.

Here are the 6 tips following which you can design a high-quality professional letterhead.

Keep It Simple- Letterhead is different from other printed marketing tools including brochures, booklets, and banners. It is a professional means of communication. Therefore, it should be simple and professional. Do not use too many graphics and design while designing a letterhead. Keep it simple and decent.

Separate the Sections Nicely- Mainly, a letterhead has three sections including the header, main body, and footer. Keep all these sections nicely separated. This will enhance the aesthetic aspect of your letterhead.

Highlight Your Brand Name and Logo- This is the most crucial factor. While designing a letterhead for your business or organization, keep in mind that you have to highlight your brand or business name and logo. You can use bold features and bigger fonts for highlighting your business name. When adding your brand logo, make sure the pixels don’t get cracked. If it happens, it will look very odd on your letterhead.

Choose a Perfect Color Palette- Before designing the letterhead and starting the letterhead printing process, you have to choose a perfect color palette. Choose those colors that complement your business theme colors or business nature. On the other hand, make sure the color combination of your letterhead matches your logo’s color combination. It is very important to make a letterhead attractive and impactful.

Add Every Important Information- Before getting started to design your business letterhead, you have to prepare a list of content that you want to put on your letterhead. You have to add every single important information on your letterhead including your business name, brand’s logo, slogan or punchline, inland address, email address, website address, contact numbers, etc. Apart from this, if you want to put any important information, you can. However, you have to determine that the content should not be very lengthy.

Add Watermark- A watermark is different from a brand’s logo. Yes, a watermark can be a brand logo, but it would not be in a logo form, it would be a watermark. A watermark is a light printed logo or business name that is important for brand recognition. You must add this to your business letterhead.

These are some very useful tips you should follow when designing your letterhead for your business. Doing so will surely increase the values of your business letterhead.