Paraquat or Paraquat dichloride is a harmful chemical agent used as an effective herbicide for the past 130 years. Using the deadly chemical herbicide was banned in over 32 countries but lately the US is found using the chemical drastically causing serious physical diseases to farmers. FAME did a study and confirmed that farmers are affected by Parkinson’s disease because of the Paraquat. Farmers who are affected by Parkinson’s with proven medical records can participate in a Paraquat Lawsuit under the guidance of an efficient lawyer.

Widely popular among farmers globally, the chemical is used on the cultivation fields to resist the incredible growth of unwanted herbs within the crops hampering the usual growth of the cultivations. 

However, later on it has been found that primarily the farmers working close to the Paraquat infested fields are suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

Steps to participate in a Paraquat Lawsuit

Connect with a Lawyer

If you or any of your loved one is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease because of Paraquat during farming, raise a lawsuit under the guidance of an experienced lawyer. There’re a few highly acclaimed legal firms working in support of the worst victims of Paraquat in the United States. 

So, make sure, you have consulted a good lawyer that’ll help you to fight for the consequences and help you get compensation. However, you should also have to arrange all evidence including the medical reports and expensive bills that you have to pay for cure.

Know your rights

You must know your rights. Let the lawyer stand by you and guide you to get compensation because of your terrible disease for the Paraquat exposures.

Build connections with other victims

Finally, utilize the power of social media. Instead of being discreet, you must connect with other victims and make your protest stronger under proper legal guidance.