Excerpt: Eco-friendly cleaning product supplier US Standard Products offers non-toxic solutions for school sanitation during a pandemic.

Englewood, NJ – July 27, 2020 —  With schools across the country considering partial re-openings this fall, experts warn that precautions must be in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Large crowds of people, as you might find in a classroom or school cafeteria, are a breeding ground for infectious diseases. This is why many schools may switch some classes to online settings.

According to available data, the majority of kids who contract Covid-19 do not develop severe symptoms, but can still get sick and be carriers. Teachers, staff, and parents are at risk of contracting the virus from their kids, plus it is also possible in rare cases for the child to become very ill. For classes that must meet in person, routine sanitation at least once a day of surfaces like desks, door knobs, stair rails, light switches, cafeteria tables and trays, and computers are encouraged. In addition, experts urge increased hand-washing, mask-wearing, and six-feet separation.

Leading green cleaning product supply company US Standard Products urges the use of non-toxic cleaning products in place of traditional toxic counterparts. This is to keep kids safe not only from Covid-19, but from allergens and irritants as well. All of US Standard’s high-quality green products – from disinfectants to window cleaners – have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing. They meet the internal Safer and Superior New Product Standard. This means that they work just as well if not better than their toxic counterparts, but are significantly better for the short and long term health of students, teachers, and staff.

With a mission to “build a better community and a better world for those individuals and their families who are less fortunate,” US Standard Products has a large charitable arm. Earlier this year, the company donated 1,000 personal safety masks to the Englewood Health Foundation to protect frontline healthcare workers during a surge in the crisis. They also pledge a portion of all proceeds from the sales of their products to nonprofits like the Wounded Warrior Project and National Kidney Foundation.

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A hub of high-quality industry equipment and cleaning solutions, US Standard Products is committed to delivering the highest quality, best value products to industries across the US. You can count on US Standard Products to put safety first, with non-toxic cleaning solutions and equipment to protect employees from workplace hazards. With every purchase, US Standard Products is proud to support charitable organizations by donating a portion of their proceeds.

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