A lot of people depend on their jobs for getting by in life. However, the majority of families are living paycheck to paycheck hoping they are doing enough work to provide for the people they love. That is why wrongful termination should not be taken lightly. A wrongful termination case takes place when somebody is fired from their position without justifiable cause. This could result from harmful reasons such as discrimination. If you think you have been terminated from your position without good cause, you must call a New Jersey employment lawyer who specializes in wrongful termination. The following are some common reasons a termination can be illegal. 

Act of Retaliation

This usually takes place when an employer blows a whistle on a colleague or a superior for an unethical act. If you have been terminated because you reported a co-worker breaking the law, sexual harassment, or other actions, then your termination might be illegal. The termination is done as a form of retaliation for your action. A person fired in an act of retaliation would have a strong basis to file a wrongful termination case. 

Unlawful Discrimination

An employee cannot be fired because of their race, gender, or sexuality. The law protects employees from facing this type of workplace discrimination. But, proving discrimination was the reason for the termination can be hard. The majority of employees don’t admit that the identity of an employee was part of the reason they were fired. If you think your termination was because of some form of discrimination, contact an employment attorney immediately. It is a serious job to dig up the proper evidence for this case. But, your attorney will use all possible resources to find the evidence you need. Also, they will help determine if you have a case in the first place.