If COVID-19 has you considering a career pivot, you’re not alone. The coronavirus pandemic has offered a lot of life lessons to many Americans, from illustrating the precarity of some jobs to underscoring the need to live your life to its fullest. As such, many people are seeking new employment as hopes for a worldwide vaccine appear a little bit brighter. Regardless of what kind of job seeker you are, the following jobs will be a great fit for anyone living in the United States, whether you call New York home or live in South Dakota.

1. Religious Studies

Religious studies can be a great way to find fulfillment in a new career. By reading up on different books of the Bible, you can find new insights into the world you live in and help provide perspective to others. While religious studies often denotes a specific Bachelor’s degree, you can always do some learning on your own, too, by reading up on The Old Testament Library Genesis. Reading up on various books in The Old Testament Library Genesis, Exodus, Levitcus, and other books of the Bible can give you new insights into each Bible book. Focusing on one book at a time and starting with Genesis is a great way to level up your knowledge surrounding these books without needing to complete the coursework associated with academia and pursuing your Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree.

2. Insurance

Working in the insurance field can be a lucrative career path if you select the right niche. While it’s true that automotive insurance claims are generally more common than medical malpractice claims, focusing on medical malpractice may allow you to find a more lucrative career in the long run, due to the fact that these cases are generally much more high-profile. If you’re looking for a place to start, just head to Google and search for “medical malpractice insurance New York” (or wherever it is that you’re looking for a job). From there, you can see if they have any job openings and start your new career!

3. Science

Science can be a great career field for anyone with technical skills and an aptitude for biological science, life sciences, or other scientific focuses. For example, becoming a biotechnologist can be a quick way to find a lucrative career in the biotechnology industry. Whether you’re a research associate or handling laboratory work, the average salary of someone in the biological sciences is well above the national average at $50k to $60k a year.

4. Computer Science & Technology

Similar to fields such as science, computer science and technology can both be major boons to any job seeker. There is a wide range of occupations that you can pursue with a computer science degree. From coding software for a large company to working in the field of web development, putting your computer skills to the test can be an incredibly lucrative occupational field to consider. As computers have become more integral to American society in recent years, you’ll be sure to find job growth by picking this area of expertise.

5. Education

Because of COVID-19, there’s now a nationwide teacher shortage. As a result, the educational field needs more teachers than ever, meaning that even if you don’t have the proper credentials, you’ll be able to get qualified to teach in a short amount of time and continue pursuing your master’s degree while you teach during your first year. One of the best things about pursuing a career in education is that you can pick the age range you’re most comfortable working with, whether that’s with elementary students, middle schoolers, or high school students.