If you were injured in a car accident, or have been bitten by someone’s dog, you may want to file a personal injury claim. According to the statute of limitations in New Jersey, you have two years to file a claim. Hiring an attorney is totally your personal call. Working with the right Bayonne personal injury attorney, however, will help in easing the process considerably. In this post, we are sharing a few circumstances or situations when hiring an attorney is an absolute must.

  1. When you have suffered severe injuries. If you believe that your injuries will impact your work and life ahead, you may want to get an attorney to understand the true worth of the claim.
  2. When the fault is disputed. In case there is no clarity as who caused the accident, or you believe that the other party may file a case against you, having a personal injury attorney by your side will help.
  3. When you have permanent disabilities. If the accident has caused permanent disabilities, you have to consider getting your claim evaluated by an experienced personal injury attorney.
  4. When you are unsure of the process. Many people do not know how the law works, or the process of filing a claim. Instead of struggling with the legal hassles, hiring a personal injury attorney is the best you can do.
  5. When you need help with negotiation. Insurance companies don’t always act in an empathetic way with victims. In fact, they will try to offer the lowest possible settlement amount. To ensure that you don’t get a raw deal, get a personal injury attorney on board, where they will take over and negotiate on your behalf.

Just ensure that you find an attorney in Bayonne that you can trust for the work they do, and don’t shy away from asking for references.