Whether for business or domestic purposes, purchasing wholesale has its advantages. Generally, the thought of buying items in bulk can seem daunting because, at face value, it appears to be a considerable investment. For most start-up businesses, buying in bulk could mean committing huge sums without assured returns.

The truth, however, is, wholesale product distributors sell items in larger quantities to industries, retailers, and other businesses, promoting attractive price points and encouraging economies of scale. Aside from being a cost-effective purchasing approach, buying in bulk has other salient benefits worth touching on. We’ve listed a few of them below.

1. You get better deals, and it’s much cheaper.

Buying in bulk means all you get is the product. It may not come with all the excessive packaging that’s common when purchasing individual products; however, generally speaking, bulk buying is cheaper. You’re also prone to attractive deals and, sometimes, heavily discounted prices.

Suppose you want to start a business selling 1 GB, 16 GB, or 64 GB USB flash drives (or jump drives) in the United States. In that case, it’ll be financially efficient if you purchase USB drives in bulk. You can also consider getting USB flash drive bulk or key rings in wholesale packages. All in all, buying in bulk is especially advantageous if you have a small business or intend to start one. You’ll be saving a lot of money in general.

2. You never run out of stock.


Knowing that you’ll never run out of stock gives you peace of mind. This is one other great advantage of purchasing in bulk. As a retail business owner, having your products constantly out of stock is bad for business. This will certainly drive potential and existing customers to competitors, as they’ll see your business as unreliable.

Buying in bulk keeps you one step ahead of running out. This is mainly instrumental during peak periods, like Christmas, Easter, etc., (depending on the type of products you deal with). Even on the domestic front, buying non-perishable foodstuff in bulk could save you from running out of essential ingredients in times when you least expect it.

Again, if you’re business is making a shift from selling tobacco cigarettes to Cannabidiol (CBD), for instance, you could purchase hemp wholesale after you find answers to questions like “Is using CBD healthier than tobacco?”

No doubt, when starting this kind of business, you need to first research the health benefits of CBD and the reasons it’s better than tobacco use, electronic cigarettes, or vape. The most obvious answer is that tobacco smoke can cause cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, and inflammation of the respiratory system (which is mostly caused by breathing in carbon monoxide and nicotine addiction). The website Yes On HHH has written an interesting piece on this.

3. You contribute to sustainability.


Less packaging is used when items are bought in bulk. Unlike items purchased in smaller quantities, those bought in large quantities are packaged in bulk. And this requires very few packaging materials. This comes with many benefits because the elements used in producing them include:

  • Pulling down from trees in our forests.
  • Dumping polluted waste into our water bodies.
  • Using huge amounts of energy that result in high levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into our airspace.

Since plastic is a serious environmental threat, using less or none of it contributes to sustainability.

4. You cut down on transport miles.


Transporting items bought in bulk is more productive and effective. This is because products are mostly packed on a truck more densely and in large packages, rather than being packed individually. Trucks will also make fewer trips when delivering goods. Also, cutting down transport miles also means you would use less fuel and hence contribute to air pollution less. Little to zero hassle.

Buying in bulk also gives you little to no hassle, especially in shipping and transportation. A significant number of manufacturers and suppliers offer discounts for wholesale purchases. The discounts vary, depending on the retailer, but usually include free shipping or delivery. This offers the chance to make more profit when selling your products.