Your 20s are an exciting and transitory life phase that many people use for self-discovery and learning about real life. One of the biggest realizations of this period is that you’ll soon assume full responsibility for your finances. Therefore, it’s essential to know how to budget.

Budgeting is a good thing because it helps you curb unnecessary spending, build good financial habits, and build good credit, among others. Below are three crucial things every guy in their 20s should know about budgeting their money.

1. You need a budgeting method.

Many experts advise that you should have a budgeting method instead of managing your money outside of a framework. The 50-30-20 method is a standard and excellent budgeting method for newbies that can help you manage your money better. This method proposes dividing your money in three ways: 50% on essentials and living expenses like utilities, rent, and groceries. You can then allocate 30% of your income towards flexible lifestyle spending, accounting for travel, eating out with friends, entertainment, and other similar costs.

Finally, set aside 20% towards financial goals like paying off debts and investing. Since wellness is essential to your overall physical and mental well-being, you can invest part of your 30% for flexible lifestyle spending in quality vape products to unwind after stressful days. Trusted brands such as Delta Effex have a range of unique products.

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2. Don’t ignore transportation costs.

Transportation costs are an often overlooked but essential category in your budget that you should effectively plan for. Depending on your primary transportation mode, this amount can differ relative to other categories. If you live in a metropolitan area, you’ll likely use public transport as your primary means of getting around. Public transport has typically fixed monthly costs for unlimited use, so you can discover what options are available to you and factor them into your budget. Alternatively, you can Google search “Used cars for sale near me” to locate new vehicles that you can use as personal transport if necessary. Reputable online auto dealer auction sites such as Auto Auction Mall have a wide variety of vehicles available for those who want to bid.

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3. Goal setting is a must.

Budgeting is a great financial management practice, but you still need something more concrete to keep you motivated. Consequently, it’s prudent to set goals that inspire you to be consistent and diligent with your budgeting. You can set short-term goals like saving for a new bed, medium-term goals like saving for a car, and a great long-term goal like retirement savings. This way, you have defined aims to work towards, making it easier to stick to your budget. If buying a new mattress is one of your short-term goals, purchasing a great mattress from a reliable retailer is undoubtedly crucial. Specialty mattress retailers such as City Mattress can help with these concerns.

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Budgeting is an essential money management practice that you should adopt as early as your 20s. The above-listed points are three things you should know as a guy above 20 years concerning budgeting your money.