The healthcare sector is huge and expanding like never before. If we have learnt anything from the 2020 global pandemic, which is still raging in many parts of the world, investment in healthcare is necessary and important. That said, running a healthcare business is never easy, no matter whether you own a dental practice or have an app. In this post, we are talking more on why your healthcare practice needs a Los Angeles business attorney

How can business attorneys help?

Contrary to popular belief, the role of a business attorney is not just about defending their client in a lawsuit. Yes, lawsuits and taking action for legal matters do matter, but healthcare attorneys do much more than that. You can expect a business attorney to –

  1. Help with business formation
  2. Guide on choosing the right type of business
  3. Draft and help with agreements and documents
  4. Negotiate with parties with vested interests, as and when needed
  5. Assist with regulatory compliance
  6. Defend in lawsuits
  7. File lawsuits against at-fault party (as needed)
  8. Mitigate risks with advice and strategy
  9. Advise on malpractice insurance policies
  10. Guide on mergers and acquisitions

Doctors, physicians, and surgeons often have to deal with complaints, issues like medical malpractice lawsuits, and other concerns. When you have a healthcare attorney working for your practice, you don’t need to bother about every small legal issue that crops up. 

Hiring a reliable healthcare attorney

There are many websites, such as Avvo, which can help in finding best attorneys in LA. If you can get references from people you know, that’s always an advantage. If a law firm claims to specialize in the sector, they will have enough clients and good reviews. You can always ask for client references. Below are some more tips to consider – 

  1. Meet the healthcare attorney. The first meeting with a healthcare attorney doesn’t have to cost anything, but you can get a fair idea if they are ideal for your practice and business needs. 
  2. Know their experience. Ask the attorney about the type of healthcare practices they work for and the range of lawsuits and cases they have handled so far. There is no harm in discussing or asking about their landmark cases. 
  3. Do ask about costs. Usually, business attorneys like to get paid by the hour, but this depends on the work they do for you. No matter the work at hand, do ask for an estimate. 

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