Motorcycles are more vulnerable to accidents due to being less visible and less stable on the road. Since they do not have a protective aluminum layer that a car does, it also poses more danger to the rider and the person sitting behind them. Therefore, a motorcycle rider is required to be more careful. 

There are various myths surrounding motorcycle accident claims. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident due to someone else’s mistake, you deserve compensation. Contact Bakersfield motorcycle accident lawyers today. 

Myths surrounding motorcycle accidents 

  • Inexperienced riders should ride big motorcycles. 

There is no specific rule stating which motorcycle is suitable for which type of rider. It depends on what you like and which model you feel comfortable with. If you like riding big motorcycles because they make you feel confident and stable, you are more than welcome to operate them. If you prefer smaller bikes due to their lighter weight and precision control, you are free to use them. 

  • Wearing a helmet while riding is dangerous. 

We may upset a few riders with this one, but your bike helmet has nothing to do with your vision but everything to do with your safety on the road. Some people argue that helmets block their vision and cause difficulty while riding, but that is actually false. Motorcycle helmets are specially designed by experts so that they do not restrict your view. In fact, they protect you from road debris and dust that can get inside your eyes and restrict the view. 

  • Highways are more dangerous for bike riding. 

Many people believe that since highways are where vehicles move the fastest, the accidents there are the most devastating. While that may be true, street roads are not safer for motorcycle riders. There have been plenty of cases of catastrophic intersection accidents because motorcycle rides did not follow the traffic rules. 

  • Loud pipes will help other drivers spot you. 

Many people buy bikes with loud pipes because they find them appealing. While that is harmless, and you are free to choose the bike of your liking, it is not a healthy practice to completely depend on the sound of the pipes for other people on the road to notice you. There is enough evidence indicating loud pipes do not save lives, but good driving does. 

  • Motorcycle riders are reckless. 

We have all heard this phrase from at least one family member or friend. There are various kinds of people in the world- some are responsible while others are not. Similarly, there are both responsible and irresponsible motorbikers. It is not right to generalize and think of the entire community as reckless or careless. Do your part in debunking this myth by obeying the traffic laws.