Child support is quite a known topic among divorcing couples and among the most important parts of a divorce. Child support takes care of your kid’s daily and special needs and makes sure that their quality of life is maintained even after the divorce. 

Because child support is so talked about, the subject has accumulated various myths around it over the years. Continue reading to find out what they are so you can better understand the meaning of child support. If your spouse refuses to pay child support or makes late payments, you can get help from a gig harbor child support attorney

Myths about child support 

  • Spouses can decide the amount of child support. 

There are different laws in the different states of America about child support payments. Your child support amount will be calculated based on your state’s guidelines. If you and your spouse have already decided on an amount without going to court, the court might reject it.

The best way to make sure your child support agreement complies with the laws and guidelines of your state, hire a child support attorney in Gig Harbor. 

  • If a parent is not allowed to see the child, they do not have to pay custody. 

There are laws regarding child visitation rights where if one parent is considered unsafe or threatening, they might not be allowed to see their child. However, that does not mean they get a free pass from paying child support every month. If the parent tries to punish the custodial parent or take revenge by not sending child support amount, strict legal action may be taken.

  • Child support is calculated based on the child’s needs. 

This is quite a common misconception that the only factors influencing the amount of child support payments are the child’s needs. In actuality, the payments are calculated considering the custodial parent’s ability to earn an income. If the parent is not earning enough to raise the child, the remaining amount must be paid by the other parent.

  • Child support, once decided, is permanent. 

Just because the judge has made the announcement and signed the document does not mean you cannot take action to redo the situation. You can always make changes in your child custody arrangements. If you are unable to meet child support expenses due to changing circumstances, such as loss of a job, you can file a petition for a modification or adjustment of the agreement.

  • Child support payments should always be spent on the child. 

There are no written laws that dictate that the child support payments must be spent for fulfilling the child’s needs or spent on the child at all. Therefore, the parent may use it for anything they want as they usually do not need to produce evidence of their spending.