Whenever you contact a personal injury lawyer, you want to know how much you are likely to receive. It can really be depressing to know that no one can actually give you a fair idea of the exact amount. First, you will contact a medical practitioner, who will offer the treatment. Afterward, you will contact a lawyer with doctor’s notes. Depending on your medical condition, he will be able to give you the estimate. Several other factors also depend on the amount of settlement according to Moxie Law Group. Some of them are explained below:

Injuries and damages in your personal injury claim

After the accident, injuries and damages you receive will make the most of your claim. Some injuries are severe such as brain, spine, fractures and back pain. Your health provider or family doctor will be able to assess them and give an estimation of the medical costs including medicines. The property damage such as car damage, mobile or others may also make the most of the compensation. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer will be able to calculate all these costs.

Apart from these losses, the compensation will also include the loss of wages, future income and capacity to enjoy your life as before the accident. In many cases, the loss of a partner may also be included as damage in compensation. Your pain and mental health can be analyzed by a qualified health care provider and will be included in the claim.

Average settlement amount

The insurance company will make the first offer to the injured person. People don’t know whether to accept it or not. However, your personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you in the best way depending on the extent of the injuries. Severe injuries, loss of income, benefits, partner and earning capacity will be paid on a higher side. However, all of these instances are quite unfortunate. Every case is different from another. The attorney, another party, his attorney and the insurance company will also affect your case to a great extent.

Negotiate hard for the right amount

The insurance company will start from the lowest amount. They just want to see how desperate you are to get the money. It is suggested to keep a lawyer on your side because he will not settle for less as he is experienced and tactful.

If nothing else works out for you, the litigation option always lies ahead of you.