If you sustained injuries due to intentional harm or negligence, you might want to take legal action. But if you have not tried the process before, you probably do not know the timeline involved in personal injury lawsuits. Thankfully, personal injury attorneys in Philadelphia, PA can walk you through every step of the process. The following are the steps involved in a personal injury lawsuit:

Consulting with an Attorney 

An injury attorney can help you navigate through the claims process with more confidence than when you do it alone. They can help you file an injury claim on time, handle talks with an insurance adjuster, and negotiate a reasonable settlement on your behalf. During your initial consultation, you will talk about how you sustained the injuries, your medical expenses, as well as the impact of your injuries on your income and ability to earn an income, and life. Use the consultation as an opportunity to ask any questions regarding your case.

Digging Facts

The attorney you will hire will investigate your case to uncover all the facts. They will collect sufficient evidence to prove your accident’s case and an investigation often discloses all parties responsible for the accident. Your attorney can carry out different tasks while they investigate your case such as collecting witness statements, gathering video or photo evidence, and consulting with expert witnesses. 

Sending a Demand Letter

After your attorney hears your story and digs into the facts of your case, they get the information necessary to determine the value of your claim. Every party will want to avoid costly litigation, so your attorney may send a demand letter for compensation to the other party before they file a lawsuit for you. 

Your personal injury claim can include information such as details about your injuries, evidence such as police reports, videos, photos, and witness statements, as well as copies of your medical bills and receipts to prove your economic losses because of your injuries, and statements from experts that support your non-economic losses. 

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Once the insurance company gets the demand letter from your attorney, it may reply quickly with a lowball settlement offer. In fact, it might make an offer even before you have consulted with an attorney. When you accept the offer, you will no longer be able to sue for monetary compensation for the same injuries. Thus, you must discuss your options with your attorney first. Your attorney is willing to take multiple rounds of negotiations with the company before they recommend taking your case to trial.