Agriculture farming is the practice of cultivating plants and crops. Agriculture cycling includes different stages; Seeding, seedling, pollination, irrigation, and harvesting. In the whole agricultural cycle, farmers have to take care of the required things for successful farming because plants can be affected by pesticides and various diseases. The steps involved in agricultural farming are easy to follow, but it takes lots of effort to complete each stage.

But before the beginning of the farming first stage, there are various other essential things that farmers need to consider. And one of the vital things is the farming season. There are different seasons of farming for different types of crops. So make sure you are cultivating the crops in the best agriculture seasons.

Following are the best seasons of farming that every kisan should know about;

Spring season –

Spring is one of the best for some vegetable crops, including peas, cucumber, tomato, potato, beetroot, spinach, coriander, brinjal, cauliflower, etc. Spring is the best season for farmers. The farmers’ wait gets over this season as the crops get ready for harvesting.

Summer –

Summer is the best farming season. The farmers monitor crops for weed control and fulfill the fertilizer needs and other pest management practices this season. In addition, farmers monitor the temperature of the crops and their domestic animals to protect them from overheating.

Fall or autumn –

Fall is the season of the year that comes between summer and winter. It is also one of the best and most notable harvesting seasons. Farmers take care of some regular chores this season, such as feeding, watering, and monitoring the crops.

Winter –

Winter is also one of the best farming seasons for growing various crops and plants, such as barley, wheat, peas, mustard, and sesame. In addition, it is the best time for the farmers to grow vegetables and fruits. Therefore, farmers do not need to perform so many practices during winters. Instead, farmers review their yield maps and some management practices for the future.

So, these are the best farming seasons that every farmer should know about before beginning agricultural farming. Also, learn some tips and tricks to manage the farming activities and protect the crops from pesticides and other diseases. You can also watch agriculture videos that are available online today on video platforms.

If you are new to farming & agriculture, you should learn various important things about farming and the required practices. You can also get help from online agricultural and farming apps, like mandi bhav. There are different online farming apps available today that you can use to get related info and solutions to farming problems. You can also join online farming communities using these apps. You can ask your queries to other farmers and get answers by joining these online farming communities. You can also get expert advice using the online agricultural farming apps.