You were injured in a car accident in Henderson. You know that the other driver was speeding or the accident happened because they were negligent. Since Nevada is a fault state, you can file a claim and seek compensation from the party at fault. While that may sound easy on paper, remember that the settlements are paid by insurance companies that don’t care for claimants or their woes. While not mandatory by law, you should consult a car accident lawyer without any further delay. Like any other victim, you are probably wondering whether it’s worth spending on a lawyer. We have a few pointers below for help!

You don’t need money to lawyer up

That may sound far-fetched, but it certainly is not untrue. Most personal injury lawyers take a contingency fee in Nevada. Such an arrangement is drastically different than what clients share with criminal or family lawyers. An accident lawyer will only charge a fee when you win. This means no matter what the work involved if you don’t win a settlement, you don’t pay the attorney. As such, hiring an accident lawyer doesn’t have to be expensive, which is a great relief for many victims. However, please note that most lawyers will ask the clients to pay for add-on case expenses.

You can get help with every aspect

An accident lawyer does more than you probably know. Once you have the right attorney, you can expect to get help with –

  1. Evaluating what your car accident lawsuit is worth
  2. Determining who is responsible for the mishap
  3. Finding out whether there is enough evidence to support your claim
  4. Talking to witnesses and gathering statements
  5. Contacting experts when needed for opinions
  6. Ensuring that the paperwork is done right
  7. Handling the communication with the insurance company
  8. Negotiating the settlement
  9. Representing you in court when the time comes

While hiring a lawyer for your car accident claim is not about money, experience does make a difference. You need someone who deals with auto accident claims and cases frequently and has also represented clients in court in the past. People often forget that trial experience is tremendously significant for such cases. If you are new to hiring an accident lawyer, check their background and make sure that they have the time to devote to the case. Not to forget, do not hire someone who makes tall and fake promises at the start.