In modern days, posters have become a powerful marketing strategy that not only grabs people’s attention but also converts viewers into potential buyers. Posters are a cost-effective way to promote any business, create brand awareness, launch new products, and even announce sales offers and discounts. When designing a poster to advertise your company or business, you should focus on the main elements so that the viewer can see and get the message. Avoid cluttering your poster with too many images, colors, or fonts, which confuse the viewers.

Your advertising poster should bring out the creativity in the way you convey your brand’s message. Working with an experienced photo printing NYC designer helps you create posters that stand out. The power of posters in attracting customers is immense, but it comes from inspiring posters that leave a mark on the viewers’ minds. With that in mind, here are the features of an excellent advertising poster.

Readable from a distance

People can see posters because of their large size that makes them visible from a distance. No one cares about coming too close to read a poster, especially one with a small print. If you want viewers to see your message, your poster must be visible from a distance. Choose a large font that draws attention and focuses more on the critical information you want to pass to your viewers.

Some level of contrast

Today, people are always crouched on their phones to notice the things around them. If you want your poster to catch people’s attention, it must have a design that compels them to look at it, for instance, some contrast elements that catch the eye. Instead of using a monotone color palette, use colors that contrast with each other such as black and white. You can achieve contrast with color intensity, patterns, font combination, etc.

Consider the location

You should also consider the location you will place the poster before you design it. For instance, if you put it on a green wall, you must use a contrasting color scheme. You should let your graphic designer know where your poster will appear to know how to contrast the colors. That is so that the viewers can see your call to action message from afar.


Your poster should stand out, especially if you will be placing it on a public display board with other posters. Your poster will be doing a hard job of competing for attention; therefore, it should be unique. If people don’t notice your poster, consider redesigning it.

It should be scalable.

You might want posters both for physical display and online advertising. Your designer should be able to create a scalable version of your poster. For instance, the mini-version and the large display should both look good. Even when a large poster is scaled down to its mini version, it still should be readable. This is advantageous when you want to advertise on social media as well.

Use big images

Big images catch attention. Whether you choose a photo or illustration of a text, it should be big enough for someone to see at a distance. The image remains in the viewer’s mind for a long time, which builds your brand’s awareness.


Creative poster designs are the only way to catch the attention of the public eye. You should work with an experienced poster designer to create a unique and eyecatching poster.