With the increase in demand for more data and talk time validity, several mobile service companies have re-evaluated their monthly plans and integrated new data and other validation amount to make the packages more affordable. Moreover, 2020 has seen a pandemic because people are sitting at home, either idle or doing work. This makes them use the internet throughout the day or calling others for quite a long time, exhausting their packages way before the expiry date.

Many customers have expressed their grievances over social media, urging the network service companies to change their plans and make them more affordable, seeing the financial crisis of many individuals during the pandemic. So, here we bring you the best plans under Rs.500 for Jio, Airtel, and BSNL recharge.

  • BSNL recharge plan under INR 500

As for the BSNL recharge will have the INR 395 plan under the 500 limit. In this package, you will get a daily pack of 2 GB data for seventy-one days. For talking on-net with any other subscriber, you will get a value of 3000 minutes while the value is 1800 minutes for off-net. However, no SMS benefits are there in this package, which is a minus point of BSNL recharge.

  • Jio recharge plan under INR 500

If you are a Jio user, there is a fantastic plan within the INR 500 for a month. The INR 401 prepaid package is one of the most chosen ones from all other packs by the Jio users. In this package, every day, the subscriber gets a total internet value of 3 GB, which is indeed enough for passing the entire day by seeing movies, watching Netflix, listening to songs, and scrolling through Instagram. Apart from this, you also get an additional amount of 6 GB of data for 28 days. There is no limit for Jio to Jio calls, but for other subscribers, you will get 1000 FUP.

  • Airtel recharge plan under INR 500

The best under Rs.500 recharge plan for Airtel is that of the INR 398 package. The validity of this package is twenty-eight days from the day of recharge. You can use the Airtel Payments Bank to Airtel recharge. In this package, you get a hundred message limit per day. As for the data, you will get 3 GB of internet usage per day. Once the clock strikes midnight, your pack is renewed. It doesn’t matter whether you had any previous data balance from the day because that will be discarded and loaded with fresh 3 GB data for the next day’s use. There is no limit for the call benefits, so you can talk with your family and friends for as long as you want.


With the proper description of the three best plans from BSNL, Jio, and Airtel, you will be able to decide which one is perfect for your purpose. Weigh the pros and cons of each of these packages, and you will come to know the rest easily.