If you are considering transforming your digital photos into a shared album, you can choose custom photo books for safe storage. You no longer have to keep the pictures on your tablet, laptop, or smartphone, but instead in a convenient location. Here is why you should create a custom photo book for your family photos.

You can create a custom photo book for your baby photos, wedding shots, birthday pictures, and more. The advantage of a personalized option is that you have different layouts depending on your likes or preferences.

Start by planning

Before you create a custom album, you need to plan so that the entire process runs smoothly. Start by organizing the photos to be included in the photo book. Ensure they are top quality and remove the blurry or unfocused images.

Sort out the large sizes from the small ones and rectangular from the square photos. Notably, digital photos should be of premium quality and standard sizes. If you are collecting the photos in one location, mark your favorite picks. As for the layout, there is an option to group the best pictures in one folder for maximum attention.

Choose a theme

Whether you want a photo book for your baby’s photos, a wedding, or simply to document your adventures, your photos should blend with the theme. There are many themes to choose from, and you should select one that matches a particular event.

With a custom photo book, there are several professional templates that you can use for your photos. There are also limitless options when choosing the number and size of pictures you would want on a page.

It also gives you the option to include text to communicate your intentions to the viewers. For example, you can write memorable quotes, mark specific dates, and write short descriptions that match the photo books theme. A personalized album can also be in sequential order to deliver a story-like experience.

Customize the pages

After choosing the theme, the next step is customizing the page to match the event. For instance, you can add cute pictures, cartoons, lovely fonts, and vibrant colors for a childrens photo book. You can choose to add some bone shapes or paw prints and some cartoon characters of animals for pets.

For adventure, choose travel-related templates such as a road trip or camping. Also, you can choose a mountain or a highway landscape to highlight the journey. Maps, cityscapes, and trees can also help narrate your adventure.

Make it memorable

When making a custom photo book, let it be a memorable album that keeps your memories for years to come. It should document your history and different events such as birthdays, weddings, the arrival of a new baby, and family reunions.

Include unique backgrounds, family trees, and timelines as a yearly reminder of important occasions. After that, choose different representation options in terms of page layout and covers.

With the above tips, your custom photo book is just a click away. Contact the digital experts at MixBook for the best templates, themes, and fonts for a personalized creation.