Whether you’re buying a statement piece to add to your own collection or you’re looking for a memorable watch or piece of jewelry for the perfect gift, it’s no secret that the current market is full of options. With new retailers popping up every day and industry competition continuing to expand, how do you find the right products that are worth the price tag?

Finding the best watches and jewelry on the market can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. From finding trusted, reputable retailers to choosing alternative products that are more ethically and financially sound, there are plenty of ways to make more informed purchases. Here’s what you need to know about finding watches and jewelry to fit any of your needs.

Start by looking for reputable retailers and storefronts.

When you first start looking for a new statement watch or that perfect engagement ring, you’re probably going to run into dozens of retailers, all eager for business. Some will try to lure you in with free shipping, and others will advertise the latest timepieces that are widely regarded for their elegance and style. While it’s easy to fall under a spell some of these stores cast, it’s most important that you start by finding a reputable retailer. That way, you have some added peace of mind when you’re getting ready to click that checkout button.

For instance, say you’re looking for a Vacheron Constantin watch. The Vacheron Constantin is a luxury model with all the sparkle and glitter of any modern, high-end watch. If you’re going to shop Vacheron watches, you want a retailer to guarantee the quality, shipping safety, and ongoing service that you’re looking for. Especially if you’re considering a refurbished or used timepiece for your wishlist, you also want to ensure that the seller guarantees performance and includes a warranty or offers service packages. After all, nothing would be worse than shelling out for a pricey watch investment only to find out that it struggles with continuous operation and the platinum on the dial is all scuffed and worn.

Many reputable retailers also offer service packages. Whether you’re looking at watches, cushion-cut engagement rings, or even new jewelry to match your latest gel nail art manicure, you want to know that you have ongoing protection for your investment. Even if you’re not paying top dollar for a Tiffany diamond engagement ring, you still want to be able to take care of your purchase in the upcoming years.

Invest in alternative materials to save money without sacrificing brilliance.


Money is one of the biggest barriers to entry when you’re looking at watches and jewelry. Some products are prohibitively expensive. The rarity of gemstones can drive up prices. New trends and facets increase prices as popularity pushes more sales. Luckily, you don’t have to give up on elegance, a brilliant cut, or a supreme lacquer by choosing a less-expensive alternative. In fact, it might be the most financially and ethically sound decision.

While clarity, cut, and carat are all important for jewelry and watch purchases, you can still invest in alternative gems and jewels without sacrificing the overall quality of your products. In fact, one of the biggest trends in the diamond industry is the lab-grown diamond ring. Whether you’re deciding between cushion cut engagement rings or rose gold earrings with inlaid lab diamonds, you can save major money on your purchases.

Many buyers understand the moral pitfalls of the diamond mining industry. If you’re a buyer interested in a brilliant cut, but you don’t want to support an industry that doesn’t follow the most ethical practices, lab-grown diamonds are an ideal alternative. These don’t rely on harmful mining practices or exploitative labor. Plus, you can still choose different features like yellow gold or rose gold bands, cushion-cut gems, or platinum accoutrements. This gives you additional freedom as a buyer without giving up on quality or draining your savings account.

Remember that not every sale equates to a good deal.

In the jewelry and watch markets, brands constantly offer sales that are perfectly targeted to entice customer spending. However, what might seem like a good deal at first glance could easily come with several drawbacks. Some products are priced out due to insufficient craftsmanship, outdated styles, or damages. If you’re not concerned about some of these issues, you can shop around and invest in some sale products. However, for others, these are dealbreakers. After all, nobody wants a scuffed or poorly made engagement ring.

As you learn more about these markets and the products they offer, it’s easier to distinguish what is and isn’t a good deal. Sometimes, a sale product is truly a once-in-a-lifetime steal that you should absolutely snatch up. Other times, sales indicate poor quality or other underlying issues. Instead of falling in love with a product based on a picture or description, take the time to read customer reviews and feedback. It’ll help you make the best possible purchase.