Lawyers are people. Like people, you would have some awful experiences with bad lawyers and some great experiences with some good lawyers. Therefore, when you hire the services of a lawyer, you should be prudent in hiring the one that resolves the issue rather than complicates the case. You do not want to suffer or let your spouse or your children suffer due to the mistake of an incompetent lawyer. It would be in your best interest to hire the best divorce law firm in Westport ct for a smooth running of the divorce process. 

Do not hire a wrong lawyer 

The lawyer you intend to hire would make a considerable difference to your case. Therefore, you should be prudent in your selection process. Ask questions, be observant, and do not hire a lawyer if you were not comfortable with them during the initial consultation. 

Find below a few essential things to consider during an initial meeting with the divorce lawyer – 

  • Does your potential lawyer has a direct phone line 
  • Do you find his office messy 
  • Does the lawyer offers a written client agreement making you understand your rights, obligations, and fee structure 
  • Avoid hiring a lawyer who is not a specialist in handling family law cases 
  • Do not hire someone who is overburdened with other cases 

When you think about these issues, you would meet a right lawyer to handle your case without any hassles. 

Do not let the judge decide the case for you 

When you ask the court or the judge to decide the divorce case for you, rest assured to have lost the control you have over the process. Do you wish to keep your money rather than giving to the lawyer while keeping your control on life, do not litigate. 

Taking the case to trial should be the last resort, only if everything else fails. You could try mediation or negotiation first. A good option would be to look for collaborative divorce or settlement conferences, but avoid litigation. You might win at trial, but it could be at a cost you may not like. Rest assured that litigation is destructive and expensive. 

Therefore, you should litigate only if you do not have any other option left to exhaust. However, there may be a few situations when litigation becomes essential. You may come across people who cannot agree at something no matter how hard you try. It would be your best bet to reserve litigation for the most desperate situations.