Long gone are the days when private investigators or probing through word of mouth were the only ways to uncover the truth about a person. Advancements in technology now allow software and Internet databases to find out information on just about anyone – whether it be a partner, child, long lost friend, pet breeder, hired handymen, or anyone else.

Kiwi Searches acts as a background checker, public information directory, and people-search program. It allows you to obtain a variety of information about a person with just their full name or phone number. It brings you peace of mind and conceals your search as they perform it safely and anonymously.

When Should You Use People Finder Search? 

The People Finder Search is an exceptional tool to reveal personal information about someone that might not be publicly available. If you are having doubts about anyone or their intentions, the People Finder Search will give you access to someone’s details. The information this service divulges ranges from public records such as criminal background, education, or sex offense history to contact information or licenses. You can find details of the following types of people with the People Finder Search:

  • Children
  • Online Breeders
  • Long Lost Friends
  • Employees
  • Coaches
  • Contractors/Handymen
  • Teachers
  • Babysitters
  • Potential Dates

Kiwi Searches accumulates this information from many dependable databases and sources, including official public records conservators, online databases, and government organizations. This engine should also be used when looking for detailed, fast, and easily accessible data.

Ways to Find People through Kiwi Searches Online Services

The advantage of using Kiwi Searches is that it allows you to run searches on people with minimal information. All that is required is their phone number or their full name, as well as the state that they reside in.

With a trial or a full membership, the software will grant you access to all their information. You may also continue to search for other people using their name and address or their phone number.

Benefits of Using Kiwi Searches 

Kiwi Searches offers the upper hand over spy apps or private investigators with their anonymous, stress-free, and quick search engine. You can perform a background check on any person with their advanced technology and polished services. You should use Kiwi Searches if you’re looking for the following benefits:

  • Easy accessibility to someone’s personal information
  • Complete and accurate information on the history of their public records and properties or licenses
  • To fast search people
  • Gain specific details such as education or work history, social media handles, email addresses, phone numbers, and their current or prior home addresses
  • Offers additional services such as Reverse Address Lookup and Reverse Phone Lookup
  • Access to a standard report
  • Anonymity and safety when performing background searches
  • Technologically advanced search software that collects information from various databases and directories to guarantee updated, accurate and valid information


If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to perform background checks on people, Kiwi Searches would be an optimal tool for you. With a limited amount of information, you can gain access to a wealth of information on just about anyone. It will bring you comfort knowing exactly who you’re dealing with and leaves room for no surprises.