Before the era of videoconferencing, preparations for a business meeting included the meticulous selection of an optimal venue – one where you could talk comfortably, without any distractions, and build the right image for your company or yourself. Today, when meetings are mainly virtual, the choice is simple and obvious. The best conditions for a professional video conference are provided by hushMeet.L.

This is the largest and most “multimedia” acoustic booth of the Hushoffice brand – a space perfectly suited as a comfortable and modern conference room, an ideal place for internal and business meetings (with several people), as well as professional video conferences. Choosing hushMeet.L is a guarantee of success in many fields when it comes to organising and conducting important online meetings…

“How do you hear me?” – perfect acoustics

The professionalism of virtual business meetings stems, among other things… from the quality of the sound. Of course a stable Internet connection and good equipment (microphones, speakers) are important, but this is not all. The background sound, or rather the lack of it during a teleconference, is also important, as is the appropriate level of soundproofing in the room, so that, for example, reverberation does not disrupt communication. There are ideal acoustic conditions for tele- or video-conferences inside hushMeet.L.

The booth is an effective sound barrier, which means that nothing can drown out a virtual meeting – not the noise of the office open space, not the sounds of the street coming from behind the window, not the drill or other equipment with which someone is renovating in the office next door. All unwanted noises from outside (thanks to the glass acoustic panels) are dampened to around 36 decibels (for comparison – this is the same volume as birdsong). Importantly, the sound does not escape from inside the booth either (in this case it is attenuated to the level of a whisper, i.e. about 26 decibels), so the tele/videoconference can remain confidential. In addition, the interiors of such booths are finished with sound-absorbing materials that avoid, for example, unpleasant echo effects. The sound-absorbing upholstery therefore ensures not only an elegant and cosy interior, but also that there is no annoying reverberation during online conferences. This is complemented by the option of installing a professional sound system in the booth.

“We can see each other” – large screen and good frames 

With one-to-one video conferencing, it is easier to conduct a meeting not only in an organisational and technical sense but also in a purely visual sense (one person in an easy-to-compose frame). When, on the other hand, more people are to participate in an online conference and a whole team of people appear on one of the “sides”, for example, a suitable venue such as hushMeet.L is essential.

In the booth, you can hang a TV or a large monitor, where team members can clearly see the interlocutors connecting from another location, and they in turn, thanks to a camera properly placed inside the booth, do not have to “huddle” in front of a single laptop somewhere in the office to make everyone visible to the other participants of the meeting. It is also important to note that if you do not use the digital background available in an application for video conferencing, you do not have to worry about photo bombers when conducting a virtual meeting in huhsMeet.L. It’ s much easier to “control” the image in the booth than when video conferencing outside it.

Comfortable conditions and good atmosphere

Even in a virtual meeting, participants need to be comfortable so that they can concentrate on the conversation or presentation rather than thinking about how stiff the chair is, how hot it is inside, how blinding the light is… The hushMeet.L booth meets the demands of office ergonomics perfectly. It is large enough to be equipped – depending on your needs – in the same way as a modern conference room in an office, among other things, which works well for video conferencing.

Inside there is a table and comfortable armchairs. Up to eight people can work simultaneously in comfort in the booth, also participating in virtual business meetings. Ergonomic furniture, a cosy, soundproofed interior, sight-friendly lighting, thermal comfort thanks to air conditioning… All this contributes to a good working atmosphere and to the meeting itself.

HushMeet.L – video conferencing in every company

What if a small business doesn’t need such a large booth (because the team itself is small) or there isn’t enough space in the office for one at the moment?

HushMeet.L is a flexible, modular solution. The booth in its largest version is made up of three modules designed for eight people, but is also available in two- and one-module variants (for one to six and up to four people respectively). Your company can opt for the smallest variant and, if/when necessary, expand it.

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