Immediately after an accident in Houston, you should call the local police (or nearest sheriff’s office) without delay. If someone is injured, consider calling 911 immediately. Texas laws require involved drivers to report an accident when injury, death, or property damage is involved. Once you have received medical attention, your next step is to inform your insurer. It would help if you also considered hiring a Houston car accident attorney to know your rights and protect your interests. With numerous attorneys practicing in the city, how do you choose one? In this post, we are sharing more on finding a lawyer you can trust. 

  • Ask around. If you know people, including neighbors and colleagues, who have worked with accident lawyers in the past, get recommendations without delay. References can help you get access to an attorney who is otherwise not available immediately. If you don’t have references to rely on, you can always check websites like Nolo and Avvo. 
  • Check reviews. Online reviews posted by other clients are always handy for comparing accident attorneys. Keep in mind that a client will only make an effort to post a review when they are too happy or disgruntled about a service. Therefore, a lot of online reviews are often polarizing. If a law firm has too many bad reviews, consider your other choices. 
  • Response time. Were you able to reach the lawyer’s office? Did they respond positively? Did you talk to the attorney on the phone? Did they offer an appointment? These are some of the basic things you need to check when it comes to accident attorneys. If a lawyer is too busy to take your call, you have reasons to look elsewhere. 
  • Ask about contingency fees. Usually, personal injury lawyers in Texas work on a contingency fee. If the lawyer takes your accident case, they will only charge a fee if you win a financial settlement. The fee of the attorney may vary but doesn’t exceed 40% in most cases. Ensure that you have read a fine print of the costs of the case. 
  • Know your claim. Lawyers often offer a free initial consultation for accident victims. The right lawyer can explain what to expect from the case, including the settlement. In some cases, if the expected settlement is too less, the attorney may ask you to file a claim with your insurer. Every case is different, and it is wise to know the probable outcomes. 

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