Divorce and the process of carrying it out can be a nightmare as more complications keep popping up due to lack of preparation and discussions. It can be a very stressful and draining time for anyone, and further complications worsen the situation. A smooth divorce sounds good in theory, but in reality, some matters need to be resolved as they lurk around the corner.

Hiring a Columbus divorce lawyer to stand by your side and represent your interests can guide you in the right direction to ensure this process concludes as soon and smoothly as possible.

Here are the most common complications faced during divorce and how to overcome them:

Marital Estates: 

At the time of divorce, it is ubiquitous to witness arguments concerning the split between marital and separate estate divisions. The marital estate is the asset purchased during the marriage, while the separate estate is purchased before marriage. 

A divorce attorney can help provide valid documentation and evidence about the overall acquisition and maintenance of the estate to help keep the rightful share to the rightful owner.


When the divorce involves children, especially minors, the situation could get tense. Child custody could create havoc in the child’s life if it is not mutually discussed and agreed upon. A tough custody battle will make the existing situations even worse.

An experienced advocate will help ensure that everything from legal and physical custody to visitation rights to child support payments is taken care of if there are disagreements.

Debt Obligations: 

Discharging liabilities also need to be carried out to determine who pays what and how much. Debt could range from loans, either personal or joint, to credit card debt. Getting the better end would help ensure a stable financial situation.

Using the debt paperwork, a divorce lawyer can help prove who would pay and what proportion without damaging their clients’ existing financial soundness and stability.

Spousal Support: 

The definite payment made by a spouse to the other for a certain period is called spousal support or maintenance or alimony. A divorce between an employed and an unemployed spouse can bring up the question of alimony. It could lead to financial burden and strain on one party in particular, which could be detrimental.

A divorce attorney could scale out the expenses regarding the issue of alimony if the situation were to arise. The attorney will keep in mind all the expenditures to represent the case in their client’s best interest.