Personal injury can be havoc for your life. If you do not get the due compensation from the insurance company, you can go to court for justice and claim the amount. A personal injury lawyer in Toledo can help you file the case. But you should also be aware of a few things about the trial so that you proactively participate in the case with your lawyer.

Litigation- a time taking process

It can take a year or even more than from the day you file the case for your hearing. So it is not at all necessary that the court will hear you immediately. Moreover, there are various litigation steps – discovery, negotiations, mediations, and motions that you must complete before your trial. So don’t rush with the timelines and be patient during the entire process.

Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

During the trial, there can be a lot of questioning and counter questioning. But you have to stay calm and answer those questions with a cool mind. You can practice your answers with your lawyers so that you are confident in the court. But do not over practice because that will reflect when you speak on the day of trial. 

You might be asked for personal information.

You might be asked about your job, salary, additional income, and medical history. Ensure that you don’t hide anything and do not give any false information because the other party will find the truth anyway. In such a scenario, you might lose grip over your case as the other party will try to ruin your image. So it’s better to be truthful about these details.

Trials are often unpredictable

Though you might try your best to win, the case trials are quite unpredictable. It is based on pieces of evidence and facts, so you should even prepare for a verdict that might not be in favor of you. 


After you know that someone else’s negligence has caused your injury, you should demand a claim and justice, especially if it leads to loss of function of a body part. The compensation might not be sufficient to lead your whole life, but it is somehow important to compensate for the loss that you had to face due to missed office work, medical bills, and other expenses.