Personal injuries are unpredictable and quite depressing. They can make you rest on the bed for several weeks. You might have to spend some days indoors if you have met with an accident. We all tend to use our phones when we are lying on the bed. Posting pictures and sharing posts are the new normal these days. We don’t mind sharing vital information through platforms like Facebook and Instagram. According to legal experts such as a Vermont injury attorney, it can hurt your personal injury claims.

Posts can be used against you

The insurance companies are always after reducing the claim no matter how severe your injuries are. They look at the facts, documents, and reports. They can collect some information on their own and if your name is associated with some social media accounts, they can easily search and find out what you are posting and how you are reacting to the comments.  If they prove in the court that, you are doing just fine and spending good times online, your claim amount may be reduced. 

Don’t post pictures

Even if you have visited a tennis court to spend some time with your friend and not to play the game, the insurance company will tweak the truth and make it look like you are having fun. There have been instances when these companies also contact the people in the injured person’s friend list and try to get the information. If any of them tells them the person is doing Ok, they will use it against the injured person along with recent photos of the injured person’s check-ins.

What should you refrain from doing?

After you have filed a claim, your attorney will guide you on what to do and what not. Some of them are elaborated below:

Admitting your mistake- After you have filed a claim, you should not make any statement where you are admitting that the accident has occurred due to your fault or you did not pay heed to it.

Don’t yell at the defendant- It will reflect your bad character if you start yelling at the defendant. No matter how severe your injuries are, you should keep control of your emotions.

Claiming that you are fine- It can be tempting to tell your friends and relatives that you are doing fine. However, insurance companies may use it against you and refuse the claim altogether.