You may need a personal injury lawyer for many types of cases. From unfortunate car accidents to cases involving dog bites, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse, lawyers play a significant role in seeking a fair settlement for their clients. If you want to hire a Sacramento personal injury lawyer for your case, here are some aspects worth knowing. 

Experience over everything else

You don’t need any lawyer, but an attorney specializing in personal injury law. Many lawyers also take up only certain types of cases. For instance, you may come across a lawyer who only works on auto accident claims. Make sure that you consider the experience of the attorney and their work profile. During the first meeting, which typically doesn’t cost anything, you should ask questions like – 

  1. How long have you been practicing personal injury law?
  2. Are you based in Sacramento? Where’s your office?
  3. What are the typical personal injury lawsuits you take in your practice?
  4. What are your top settlements? Do you have a few landmark judgments to your credit?
  5. Can you share a few references?

Consider courtroom exposure

Most personal injury lawsuits in California don’t go to court. Pursuing the matter through a civil lawsuit could be an expensive option for both sides. However, there are exceptions. For instance, if the other party’s insurance coverage is unlikely to cover your losses, you would need to file a lawsuit. When a trial seems necessary, the expertise of your attorney will matter the most. Not many injury lawyers can claim to have represented clients in court, and this could be a pointer for your choice. 

Ask about availability

Is the lawyer available to work on your case? Multiple lawyers may work for the same personal injury law firm, and not everyone has as much experience or exposure. Ask the lawyer if they are going to work on your case or intend to pass it to an associate. Either way, you should be able to meet your lawyer and get updates. 

Know the fee

Typically, you won’t need to pay an attorney until you win. That’s called a contingency fee, which is almost a norm for car accident and personal injury lawsuits. However, knowing what the attorney would charge is important. Also, ask the lawyer if they can absorb other expenses until you get paid. 

Call a personal injury soon after the discovery/happening of the injury/accident and get immediate advice on your case.