Following an accident, due of aging, or because of an illness, you may find it exceeding hard to manage your life, especially daily chores and care. Living in an assisted living facility may not be your first choice, and relying on your immediate family members for a long time is not a good idea either. Instead of trying to get help from others, you can consider using Phoenixville personal care services. Here is an overview of what you can expect. 

  1. Basic personal care. From handling your meal preparation requirements and helping with daily chores to changing bandages and keeping up with your medications, personal care can include everything. The services are customized to meet the different needs of patients, seniors, and children with special needs. 
  2. Companion care. Humans are social animals, and it is almost impossible to live alone when you are not in the pink of your health. Companion care, as the name suggests, is about emotional support and companionship. As you recover from your condition, you can have someone to give you company. 
  3. At-home health support. Registered nurses are often in charge of at-home health support, which may include offering care to the patient, maintaining diet charts, and helping with daily activities. Caregivers are also trained to offer first aid, if needed, and take vital signs of the patient. 
  4. Dedicated pediatric care. True to the name, pediatric care is all about caring for kids and children who have special needs. As the situation demands, this kind of care can be provided at home or in school. 
  5. Respite care: This is a form of short-term care. If your regular caregiver needs a break, you can rely on respite care to get help for all the things you need. It also ensures that you don’t compromise on the support you have been receiving so far. 

The cost of personal care

It depends on the agency and the range of personal care services you need. Short-term personal care is always more expensive, and if you need someone to work for you around the clock, that would cost more. Most agencies would bill you every week, but make sure that they accept Medicaid, VA benefits, Medicare, and PA Waiver programs. Ask in advance about the estimate and get everything on paper. 

Personal care services in Philadelphia have helped thousands of people, and you can rely on a known agency to provide the kind of care you truly need.