The number of disability claims has been rising lately. However, not many people know the steps involved in a disability claim process. It would be essential for an applicant to know the steps involved in a disability claim process. Knowing these factors would only lead the applicant to a rejected claim.

If the applicant wants legal support and professional help in the disability claim, it might be in their best interest to contact The Law Office of Nancy L. Cavey. Legal assistance in any lawful matter would help the applicant in many ways. Before you hire an attorney for your disability claim, you must be aware of the phases in a disability claim. For your clarity, this article covers all the necessary aspects of a disability claim below. 

  • Application 

Before starting with the disability claim, the applicant must fill out their initial Socal Security Administration(SSA) application. The applicant can apply for the disability claim by using the online platform SSA, calling the SSA, or meeting in person with the SSA. Once the applicant fills out the necessary paperwork, the SSA will start determining the applicant’s eligibility to receive the benefits of the disability claim. 

Multiple disability claim applicants have been denied in the initial stage. In such cases, the applicant must contact the law office of Nancy L. Cavey to ensure their claim does not get denied. The applicant can still receive the benefits of the disability claim in the upcoming stages if their claim gets dismissed in the initial application stage. 

  • Reconsideration level 

The applicants who have been denied their claim at the initial level would still have another chance to apply for the claim at the reconsideration level. They can request the SSA reconsider the application with sufficient documentation and paperwork. However, the applicant must apply for the reconsideration level within 60 days of facing the denial from the SSA. The applicant can also seek legal assistance from an attorney during this stage. After reapplying for the reconsideration level, the applicant must wait for an additional 90 days before the final decision. 

  • Hearing level

The hearing level allows the applicants to apply for the disability claim if they are still denied after the reconsideration level. In the stage of the disability claim, the applicant would have the opportunity to present their case before a judge. 

  • Appeals council 

In this stage of the disability claim, the applicants who got denied at the hearing level can file for an appeal as a request for the cases to be reevaluated in front of the appeals council. Generally, the appeals council would take an average of 220 days to determine the decision of the application. If the applicant still faces denial in the claim, their last resort would be to apply in the federal court with the help of an attorney.